Domain Names

A domain name is a user friendly name that acts as an address to your website and is typed into the internet browser address bar by the user who wants to visit your website.

Domain names have various extensions which have different prices that approximately start at £10 per year, examples of theses are .com,, .biz, .org. These Domain names are bought for a fixed period of time with an annual charge and the Domain names can then be renewed at the end of that period.

Domain names are unique so you cannot have the same domain name as somebody else but this is not normally a problem if you are using your company's name.

It can be helpful for users if you use short domain names but also beneficial if you use a descriptive domain name separated by hyphens e.g. we are a Yorkshire web design company so would be ideal for us to use.

Although we are a Yorkshire web design company you can purchase Domain names from us regardless of what part of the world you come from. You can also purchase cheap internet web hosting from us whether you are a company based in Yorkshire or a company based in China! If you want to get an internet web presence through our full website design service it makes no difference where you are based, we offer domain names, cheap internet web hosting, website design, website copywriting, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), RSS news feed, Web based surveys.

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