Website Design

The core business of BinaryWebs is Website design which includes quite a few smaller separate tasks such as;

» Discussing the types of websites and recommending the appropriate solution for each client
» Researching and purchasing domain names
» Providing the most suitable web hosting
» Using graphic design skills to create a selection of website designs for the client to choose from
» Where required creating a logo and brand theme for the client
» Developing the website into a fully functional version to meet all requirements
» Assisting in the marketing and long term planning of the website
» Recommending advanced features and functionality that will make the website stand out from the rest

Every client that BinaryWebs does work for also has the convenience of a mobile phone contact that they can get hold of to discuss any aspect of their project whenever they wish. The personal touch is what keeps our clients coming back year after year.

For more information please see our contact details or click here to display our contact form.

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Please call us on 0771 9299596 for more information

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