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The first step in our bespoke website solution service is a face to face meeting with one of our representatives. This is so that we are able to get to know your business, as well as yourself on a personal level. We feel that this is essential to be able to create a bespoke website design that you are happy with.

The main features of our bespoke website solution are a unique bespoke website design tailored to your company's branding and requirements, an 8 page bespoke website full of content and a contact form with validation.

The form validation is an excellent feature of the bespoke website solution and is required so that useful information is retrieved from your customers without any accidental mistakes. e.g. customers who are not used to using websites may put their name on the form and hit submit expecting you to automatically know their email address, the form validation within the bespoke website solution can activate required fields so the form cannot be submitted until those fields are filled in.

Our bespoke website solution is the third in our line of affordable website promotion services and includes a years domain name registration and a full years web hosting from our cheap internet web hosting services.

For more information please see our contact details or click here to display our contact form.

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